Design of the car can play a role in the range

Design of the car can play a role in the range

Volkswagen is set to unveil its new vehicle and we are presenting all we know so far. The company has perfectly built the hype for ID 4 and continuously did so for quite some time. The latest effort to build the hype was to show the new IQ Light technology the vehicle will offer.

The vehicle went into production in Zwickau Germany not a long time ago and it’s the second vehicle built on Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric platform. The company says the vehicle has a powerful and sporty character so it’s a very likable car. The new lighting makes the car different in appearance from other vehicles. People have seen different types of sports cars over the years but ID 4 is an attempt to provide something different.

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There is also an option of an IQ LED matrix headlight system that has 11 individual LEDs which can be controlled to select the direction of lightning. He also said that we wanted to maximize the vehicle’s range for which aerodynamic efficiency played a key role. The design of the car can play a role in the range so we kept that in mind while designing it.

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Zyciora said that the car’s design shows that how much we have focused on the aerodynamics. The vehicle has a flowing shape and that’s because of the emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency. The back of the car has been drawn in to maximize this.

The vehicle will be manufactured at factories in Germany the US and China and sold all over the world. The first ID 4 to be offered will be a rear-wheel-drive with a range of up to 309 miles. Even though the coronavirus crisis put things on hold all around the world the company says the production began on time. The information about the vehicle is limited and much of it is not confirmed. When ID 4 is revealed only then we can fully judge what it has to offer.

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