Lotus is still in production with many details

Lotus is still in production with many details

The new video provides more information related to Lotus new EV Evija that would be sold to customers next year. The company launched the latest video that shows the vehicle in the driving mode and provides further details.

The video is released just as the vehicle is represented at the UK motor show Salon Privé. It shows the vehicle being driven at a high speed on the Hethel test track. Though there was not a lot of information available related to the vehicle especially its performance and interior this video has filled the spaces somehow. It provides us the best view so far of the vehicle’s interior and how the vehicle looks running on an actual track.

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Gavan Kershaw the director of vehicle attributes explains in this video the five driving modes of the vehicle Range Tour City Sport and Track. In the range and the city modes the maximum power is 1000bhp and 589lb ft with the car restricted to only rear-wheel drive. The power is raised to 1398bhp in the tour mode with an all-wheel-drive system. In the sport mode the power reaches 1698bhp and 1252lb ft. In this mode stability control systems help in increasing traction levels.

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The maximum power of 1923bhp is achieved in only the tour mode and a drag reduction system is also available. You can select the driving mode that you want depending on where you are driving and how fast you need to go. We got the first view of the vehicle’s battery back and cockpit located behind the passenger seat thanks to the in-car cameras.

The instrument binnacle displays widgets that show tire pressures energy consumption and downforce. In the center console there is a control panel that enables the driver to navigate through different screens.

We also saw the interior for the very first time and although it’s still in production with many details still to be finalized we got a good idea of how it would appear.
The customer deliveries are expected to begin from the next year but it would be later than what was expected before due to the pandemic. The travel restrictions lockdown and safety concerns affected the vehicle’s testing program. As soon as things return to normal the testing program would take place. The car is said to be the most powerful production car today but you would have to wait to buy it as it’s sold out for now.

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