Honda provides a sweet shift action

Honda provides a sweet shift action

If you are a Honda fan then you would certainly be pleased with the new Civic Type R that’s available for sale for a price starting from £30995. The new vehicle has a somewhat refreshing design coupled with a brilliant performance.

It’s the tweaked version of the company’s hottest ever hot hatch but that doesn’t mean there was a lot wrong with the original model released in 2017. But for what matters this version is quite better and it’s exactly what customers were expecting.

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Not surprisingly the new vehicle seems a lot like the old one but that’s not a bad thing. We drove the flagship version and we found it very good to drive and even though the changes are small they make a good difference. You can see not only the design but it’s also better performance-wise from the old version.

The vehicle has a six-speed manual gearbox that’s even easy to use and much better than the original model. It has an aluminum knob that provides a sweet shift action. It’s reprofiled and carefully weighted so it’s better to hold than the spherical affair in the 2017 original model.

Its brakes put a good impression too and you would certainly like the feel of them. They feel a bit progressive when pursing on and that’s what good about them.

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The car has a top speed of 165mph and it can reach 61mph in 5.7sec. Its fuel economy is 32.7mpg and its CO2 emission is 192gkm. it’s available in three driving modes front-engine front-wheel drive LSD. It runs at a power of 314bhp at 6500rpm.

There are a lot of changes to the new vehicle as compared to the old one and it’s certainly better than the original. But even without these changes it was one of our favorite vehicles and the latest tweaks haven’t changed that fact. It’s still a car for stable roads but that doesn’t mean it becomes uncomfortable on the tough roads. If you want to get from someplace to another fast and entertained this vehicle is a good choice.

It looks good performs well and has been upgraded you can’t ask for more from a vehicle. Its price is affordable too but for now it’s sold out in the UK. There were just 20 of them and they have already been purchased.

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