16 July 2024
The US speaks out about President Putin's threat of nuclear war 0

The US speaks out about President Putin's threat of nuclear war 0

(Dan Tri) - The US criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's warning about the risk of nuclear war as `irresponsible`.

(Dan Tri) – The US criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning about the risk of nuclear war as `irresponsible`.

Russian President Vladimir Putin read the Federal Message on February 29 (Photo: Reuters).

`This is not the first time we have seen irresponsible statements from (President) Vladimir Putin. The leader of a country that possesses nuclear weapons cannot make such statements,` the spokesman said.

The statement by the US State Department spokesman came after President Putin warned the West of `tragic consequences` for any country if they sent troops into Ukraine.

President Putin said that dangerous actions and statements in Western foreign policy entail the risk of nuclear conflict and destruction of civilization.

`The West must understand that we (Russia) also have weapons that can strike targets on their territory. However, all this could actually entail a conflict with the use of

Mr. Miller said the US had `privately and directly communicated with Russia about the consequences of using nuclear weapons`.

`We do not have any indications that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons,` the US State Department spokesman added.

President Putin’s warning about nuclear weapons came after French President Emmanuel Macron said that some Western countries do not rule out sending troops to Ukraine, in the context that Russia is taking the initiative on the battlefield between the two countries.

Mr. Putin said that Russian forces are dominant on the battlefield and will continue the special military operation in Ukraine until all set goals are achieved.

Mr. Putin added that Russia also strengthened its forces along its western border with European Union (EU) countries after Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO.

The Kremlin boss repeated accusations that the West wants to weaken Russia and said Western leaders do not understand how dangerous their intervention can be in what he sees as domestic affairs.

Russia’s extraordinary military campaign in Ukraine has sparked the biggest confrontation between the West and Moscow since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Both Moscow and Washington have warned of the risk of a NATO conflict.

Russia and the US are the world’s largest nuclear powers.

The 1967 treaty, to which the United States and Russia are both members, prohibits the signatories from placing in orbit around the earth any object carrying a nuclear weapon or any other weapon of mass destruction.

However, in recent years, disagreements between Moscow and Washington have eroded the framework of arms control treaties intended to reduce the risk of nuclear war between the two sides.

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